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Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in the year of 1895, Bros. Owen Thompson, Enic Kimbrough, Lewis Reynolds, John Wright, and James Kimbrough organized the Kimbrough Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. Worship services were held under a bush arbor.  As time went by, through much prayer, Rev. Willie Ayers was elected as the church’s 1st pastor. The Spirit of God touched Sis. Fannie Bawls, and she deeded an acre of land for a school and church. Later, in 1897, Rev. James Edwards was elected as pastor and served five years adding several members.


During the next two decades the Lord sent the following pastors: Rev. Charles Warn (1902-1906), Rev. James Henderson (1906-1911), Rev J. W. Richmond (1911-1914), Rev. Will Hightower (1914-1915), Rev. Henry Myers (1915-1916), Rev. W. T. Harris (1916-1920), Rew. W. T. Franklin (1920-1922), and Rev. E. H. Dean (1922-1925). In 1925, Rev. Mose Cox was elected as pastor. Under his leadership, a new church was built. Pastor Cox served for 10 years, and many members were added.


Following Pastor Cox were, Rev. B. W. Williams (1936-1937), Rev. Robert Wilkins (1937-1938), and Rev. O. W. Hoyle (1938-1948). Under Pastor Hoyle, the church’s mortgage was retired. In 1948, Rev. L. E. Hoyle was elected as pastor.


In 1949, the deacons led the church in the purchase of 2½ acres of land bringing the church’s total to 3½ acres. During that same year, Rev. Willie Watkins was elected as the 16th pastor of the church. Pastor Watkins served faithfully for 22 years. During his tenure, the church grew and made much progress. Under his leadership, a new church was built.


Rev. J. W. Smith, Sr. was elected as pastor in 1972 and served 32 years. Under his kind teaching and leadership, many members were added to the body. He was well beloved in the hearts of many as he walked with God like David, was a teacher/preacher like John, he knew the power of prayer like Daniel, and was not ashamed of the Gospel like Paul. During his administration, the church began the process of building a new worship facility. As his health waned, in 2000, Rev. J. W. Smith, Jr. was elected as his assistant pastor. The Almighty God saw fit to call Pastor Smith from labor to reward in 2004.


In April 2004, Kimbrough Chapel elected Rev. J. W. Smith, Jr. as pastor. Later in that year, the church moved into its present structure. During the next four years, the mortgage was paid off. Since Rev. Smith Jr., has been with us, our church roll has grown significantly. Kimbrough Chapel has truly become "A Great Church, full of Great Members, doing Great Work, for our Great God!" A church where Gratitude is our Attitude, Faith is our Fight, and Christ is our Conversation.






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